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Jin Shin Jyutsu

Jin Shin Jyutsu is the Art of releasing tensions (using finger pressure) which are causes of various symptoms in the body.

Some ways that Jin Shin Jyutsu, also known as Japanese Acupressure, can assist:

  • structural and postural imbalance
  • ease or eliminate pain
  • improve digestion enhance organ function
  • balance emotion
  • lift burdens from the past.

Elynn is a Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner and Self Help Instructor. The home office of Jin Shin Jyutsu,Inc is in Scottsdale, Arizona. More at www.jinshinjyutsu.com

JSJ uses comfortable finger pressure (instead of needles) to open energy flows throughout the body.

Our bodies contain several energy pathways that feed life into all of our cells. When one or more of these paths become blocked, this damming effect may lead to discomfort or pain. This blockage or stagnation will not only disrupt the local area but will continue and eventually disharmonize the complete path or paths of the energy flow.

Case Examples:

A client of mine called me about a friend that she was very worried about. Her friends' dog and also a close friend had died. She was experiencing a lot of grief, depression and hopelessness. She cried a lot. I chose to do a LUNG flow on this woman. She felt a lot of grief lift during the treatment. By the next day, she was back to feeling more like herself.

I (Elynn) personally fell in love with the power of JSJ after a friend of mine gave me a session. I had suffered for twenty five years of sacral, low back and hip pain. I was in a head on car collision in college. I call my pelvis "my $100,000 pelvis". I spent many years having every type of treatment imaginable. When I had my first JSJ treatment, I said to the practitioner, "You are getting to something that hasn't been addressed before."

I am pain free today. I credit craniosacral therapy and JSJ for the most help! ELynn Light



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