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Body Listening

Body Listening is a technique and a way of BEING WITH the body.

DISCOVER the root of the problem!

Elynn starts with listening!

The body is an amazing self healing mechanism. When we learn to listen to the body's messages instead of silencing (with drugs) and rejecting (being angry with) it's communication...discoveries that facilitate lasting healing are uncovered.

Elynn scans the body and feels/sees what is in harmony and what is out of balance. She amplifies an area of stuck energy, that is held (usually subconsciously or energetically) in the body. It can then be accessed for transformation or release. Depending on the type of restriction, different modalities are employed.

Often, simple and usually comfortable dialogue techniques assist with this deep state of body communication.

What is discovered in body listening?

  • Buried emotional trauma.
  • Body parts energetically disconnected from the physical body.
  • Skewed vector lines.
  • Bones that have a twist or pull or are stuck.
  • Blocked or conjested meridians, akin to the electric system.
  • Craniosacral rhythm out of synchronicity.
  • Ancestral patterns. Belief systems. Behavioral patterns.
  • Discarnate beings attached.
  • Psychic wounding, energy vortices...surprises!

When the deeper cause is understood, it can be healed!


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Elynn Anae Light, LMP, AMTA
Embracing Transformation