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Elynn LightWe were able to move very quickly into some of my deepest struggles, and to change patterns. It felt effortless and fun! Elynn is such a versatile healer, able to move in and out of a variety of healing modalities as her guidance leads her to.  She takes her cues from the individual, and has the ability to tune in to the body to discover what is needed for true healing. We were both surprised to find ourselves doing a soul energy retrieval for me (on two separate occasions), which brought a whole new energy and perspective into my body. Wow!
Working with Elynn is a true joy; she has a wonderful energy and is so intuitive.

Cyndi Kramer,
Pastoral Care

I am a tree climber and semi-pro baseball pitcher. I use and abuse my body daily.
When I came to Elynn I was angry and depressed after years of living with debilitating pain in my low back and hips.
The positive effect of her techniques was apparent after our first session. In a short time, I was doing everything as before except without pain. I am no longer afraid of living with on going pain. I owe everything I now know about maintaining health through my back and hips to Elynn Light. Thank you so much.

James Segault
semi pro baseball pitcher, tree climber
owner, Island Climb, Orcas Island, WA

Elynn's heartfelt desire to help people is palpable.  She cares deeply and that energy moves through her clients.  I am always uplifted in her presence!!

Whitney W Singer, Writer

It is hard to describe exactly what Elynn Light does…but she is, a powerful force in my life.  Elynn has been fundamentally important in the journey that allows me to move in the world as a confident and free person.

I may not always know what I want to see her for, but always when I leave, I leave a new person, with a new perspective.  She is one of the greatest gifts of my life.  Her integrity is unparallel; she will go to any lengths to learn new concepts, techniques, and ideas that might help her clients.  So when you schedule an appointment with Elynn, you are gaining panoply of specialists with the extraordinary ability to access your needs and go to work…if you are willing.

Leigh Sauser
Owner Dr Chocolate, Laguna Beach, CA

Thank you, again, for the variety of techniques and experience that you
are, that made a dynamic difference in my life!  

Rickie Harmon
Skin Care Specialist

I have a very refined and sensitive body and energy field. Elynn is one of the few people that I would allow to touch me. I would recommend her to anyone. 
I have worked with hundreds of practitioners over the years. At this time, Elynn is one of the few people that I would allow to work on my body.  Elynn’s way of connecting to the body enables her to see what is going on. She has so much knowledge of how energy moves. She can unblock it where it is held: physical, emotional or energetic.  Many times, in seeing other practitioners, I have gotten hurt, worse or injured. That’s why I use Elynn!  Her distance healing is as effective as having her hands on my body.

Sandra S LCSW
Intuitive Healer, Kneeland, CA

Your treatment truly lightened my spirit and free'd my soul.  I am so glad I followed my intuition (as I always am) and found my way to you.



Elynn intuitively felt a blockage in my body and asked if she could do emotional release work with me.  I was open and agreed to it, but was surprised to so quickly and completely feel the benefits.  After only two sessions with Elynn I felt a profound sense of well- being and wholeness that I’d been missing.  This was an unexpected result and an experience I would recommend to anyone.

Nancy S.
Financial Advisor

Elynn’s dialogue work frees me from long held secrets in the nooks and crannies of my nearly seventy year old body, clears away unwanted complexities that make the days difficult and confusing and has allowed me to integrate my outside self with my inside self.

Leigh Sauser
Owner Dr Chocolate, Laguna Beach, CA

After just one healing treatment with Elynn, my daughter was amazed at how she could not only lift both arms again but could also sleep comfortably for the first time in years. Through the combined use of ultrasound, healing touch, acupressure, energy movement and advanced craniosacral she was able to help with issues she had, had for years.  

My daughter was a snowboard and ski instructor a few years ago in Heavenly Valley, So. Lake Tahoe when she injured herself. She recently returned from Costa Rica where she got into an accident. She was unable to lift both arms above shoulder level. Grateful,


Your work was more than amazing. Though my wife and I haven’t maintained our gains, you opened up a major shift in our sexual relationship, for which I am very grateful. Our work is to return to the energy I brought home and continue to seek closeness.

Therapist, Lutheran Counseling Network

Stopping smoking was far easier than I had anticipated!
You put me in such a joyful mood, I am still buzzing from it. Thank you!

C Welker

Elynn restored movement in my neck and got me pain-free when nothing else worked – it has never come back!  A miracle!

Krista White
Painter of Canvas, Walls and Ceilings

Elynn's dialogue work is unlike anything I've experienced.  Like a mind reader, her laser focus identified and evaporated many issues which had held me back for years.

K Rae
Administrative Assistant, Seattle, WA

I feel bright and energetic, like I haven't in ages! I attribute this to your healing touch today.Thank you so much. I obviously needed it, and it really, really worked.
Arigato. I want more!

Susan Osborn
Singer, Musician, Song Writer, Orcas Island, WA

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Elynn Anae Light, LMP, AMTA
Embracing Transformation