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EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique is such a powerful and simple healing technique that I often use it to release blocks that come up during sessions.

You can learn EFT by watching a YOU TUBE; downloading Gary Craig's information on his site, www.emofree.com or working with a friend or practitioner.

I have delighted in the ease of which EFT can turn a major issue into a non- issue. The tapping process moves things out of the energy field of the body. We can THINK about how we'd like things to be different. The energy body carries old energy that isn't reached by thinking. Energy attracts, like a magnet, like energy, even situations that we think we are done with. The energy bodies carry emotion and beliefs that are long forgotten, YET playing havok in our current life.

If something is "in your face" and you've tried everything to change it.This technique may be your new best and portable friend.

It is first aide, literally, at your fingertips! I have used this in crisis to clear challenging energies that had no logical explanation. Clients often forget what the issue was because it gets so completely resolved/removed!

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Elynn Anae Light, LMP, AMTA
Embracing Transformation